Lay Leader

Church Council

Chair: Beth Wessell

Secretary: Roxanne Haley

Sunday School Coordinator: Linda Cowgill

Staff Parish Relations Chair: John Gossman

Trustees Chair: David Parker

Finance Chair: Beulah Boyles

Financial Secretary: Julie Shahan

Youth Ministry: Rob Schmidlkofer

Lay Leader: Mark and Marian Hudson

United Methodist Women (UMW) President: Avis Knotts

Native American Representative: 

Pastor: Wesley Gately

Finance Team

What does the finance committee do? An effective finance committee proposes a budget; then raises, manages, and distributes the financial resources of the congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the congregation.

Members of the Finance Committee:

Beulah Boyles (Chair)

Julie Shahan

Kaye Brown

Robin Smith

Ann Ulrich

Staff-Parish Relations

What does this committee do? An effective Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) builds a strong positive relationship between staff and congregation so that the congregation makes disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This committee will work with the lead pastor and other staff to fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to staff.

Members of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee:

John Gossman (Chair)

Kathy Steele

Sherry Eierman (Secretary)

Joy Horsey


What does this committee do? Effective trustees will function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of the congregation and gifts made to the congregation so that the ministries of the congregation can be effective and all legal requirements related to the property are satisfied. Our trustees are always looking for ways that our church building and property is safe, functional, and attractive for ministries to take place.

  Members of the Trustees Committee:

David Parker (Chair)

Joanna Leslie (Secretary)

Margie Sinclair

Cody Gossman

Dave Cowgill

Jeff Ulrich

Steven Wolinski

Nominations Team

What does this committee do? The Committee on Nominations primarly helps to identify the gifts of the people within the church and selects them to potentially serve in a leadership role within the church.

   Members of the Committee on Nominations:

Pastor Wesley Gately (Chair)

John Gossman (Lay Leader)

Sherry Eierman

Shirley Leslie

Smoke Steele

Judy Cook

Strategic Leadership Teams

Congregational Care

  • Chris Skinner
  • Shirl Wolinski
  • Joyce Gossman

Missional Outreach/Invitational Evangelism

  • Rob Schmidlkofer
  • Rebekah Salinas
  • Elliott Salinas
  • Eileen Talley
  • Linda Cowgill
  • Joe Harshberger
  • Kathy Messer
  • Kristen Clark